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Why buy pre-owned?

You are able to purchase items that are more unusual and you will be less likely to see someone else wearing the same item. Second hand jewellery can often cost less than the same item would new.

One reason for the price difference is that the VAT rules for secondhand items means that some items have little or no VAT imposed upon them.

Quality is a key point to remember when purchasing second hand items.

If you are purchasing a secondhand item from ourselves you can rest assured that the article has been thoroughly examined to ensure that all links, clasps and settings are not broken or badly worn; gemstones will have been examined by one of our gemmologists to determine that they are of natural origin.

As with all jewellery purchases, whether new or pre-owned, the most important part of the purchase decision should be that you (or the recipient) would be thrilled to be wearing the article.


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