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Care and Cleaning of Your Jewellery

Fine jewellery is a precious possession that is designed and crafted to last a lifetime.  The proper care will assure the lasting qualities of your jewellery.

Gerry & Co are pleased to offer the following simple guidelines and tips for the care of your fine jewellery.


Tips for general care -
Even though you may wear your diamond engagement ring 24 hours a day, you should still give a thought to its care.

Even though a diamond is durable, it can be chipped by a hard blow.

Don't let your diamond come into contact with chlorine bleach when you're doing household chores.  It can pit and discolour the mounting.

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Gemstones - Fact and Fiction

It is indeed a fact that diamond is the hardest known substance to man. It also explains why diamond is such a suitable material to use in jewellery, particularly engagement rings which, by their nature, are worn daily and are often subjected to a fair amount of heavy handling! However, there are many other gemstones available - which ones are suitable for rings and which are better as pendants or earrings where they are less likely to suffer knocks and bumps?

Back in 1812, a German Mineralogist called Frederich Moh devised a scale of hardness of minerals. This scale does not increase in regimented steps, rather it is a guide from soft to hard: graded in ten increments with Talc (the softest on the list at 1) through to Diamond (the hardest at 10). The minerals he chose for the list were on the basis that most were readily available.

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Why buy pre-owned?

You are able to purchase items that are more unusual and you will be less likely to see someone else wearing the same item. Second hand jewellery can often cost less than the same item would new.

One reason for the price difference is that the VAT rules for secondhand items means that some items have little or no VAT imposed upon them.

Quality is a key point to remember when purchasing second hand items.

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Our advice

We never sell jewellery as an investment. You should buy an item of jewellery because you love the piece and want to wear it - or give it as a gift to be worn and enjoyed, looked at with love and treasured for many, many years. If, some way down the line it has increased in value then that is a bonus.

Quality is important. When you choose to buy an item of jewellery, or a timepiece you want it to last and to stay looking as good as the day you purchased it. Buy the best you can afford, buying cheaply can often be costly in the long run as many cheaper items may not give the satisfaction that you require. A cheap, lightweight hollow bracelet is not going to be suitable for everyday wear and will be worn out very quickly, leading to costly repair bills, if indeed a repair is possible. Whereas, a heavier weight bracelet with solid links will be much more durable, suitable for longer term wear and need less attention from the jeweller in his workshop.

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We carry out valuation for Insurance, Probate, Sale Between Two Parties and Family Division.

Unlike many companies, with Gerry & Co, your valuation is carried out by trained, competent valuers on the premises so we have no need to send your items away to a third party.

Gerry & Co Manager, Mr J Chanter is one of just a few valuers in the UK to have attained the status of Fellow of the Institute of Registered Valuers. Mrs Fay Terras is a highly experienced valuer and holds the National Association of Goldsmiths Professional Jewellers Valuation Diploma.

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The Science Behind The Gems

Sparkly. Pretty. Glittery. Fabulous. Delicate. Exquisite. Rare. Precious. All adjectives that describe the gemstones we all see and love in a jewellers window.

BUT, there is so much more to them than outward beauty. What makes them the way they are and how can we be sure what they are?

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Member of the National Association of Jewellers
Member of Institute of Registered Valuers


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